Virginia Water Medical Practice , Christchurch Road, Surrey GU25 4RL

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We provide treatment for:

• Thickened and fungal nails

• Calluses and corns

• Dry cracked heels

• Verrucas - treated on-site with liquid nitrogen, chemical or homeopathic compounds

• Heel and/or foot pain

Podiatry services in Surrey

We also provide general foot care services such as:

• Nail cutting

• Diabetic foot screening

• Orthoses and insoles

• Podopaediatrics (children's foot and health development)

• Foot health education

• Home visits


At Wentworth Foot Clinic, you can receive treatment for all common foot problems ranging from thickened nails to verrucas.


Having worked in podiatry for over 20 years, we're well-versed in all aspects of foot care. Thus, you can rest assured that your feet are in good hands.

You can also access a range of specialist services including:

• Treatment for high-risk diabetic and rheumatoid feet

• Diabetic foot screening including vascular (Doppler) and neurological assessment

• Nail surgery specialist for ingrowing toenails under local analgesia

• Biomechanics - Orthotics and insoles

• Prescription-only medicines for foot infections

• Fast-track ‘wound swab and culture’ service available in conjunction with our local hospital pathology department.


To discuss any foot problems you may have, please call us on

01344 842 000

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